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self check-in instruction

Fist of all contact me by WhatsApp in order to comunicate the arrival time. I will send you the exact location for the gate. When you are in front of the gate, please contact me as I can open the main gate. 
mobile +39 392.0578586 - Paolo

Your Tent

road to tent.jpg

Park the car close your tent

Inside the tent you will find the remote control for the main gate and a remote control for the lights inside and outside of the tent.

use of the hot tub

Please read this instruction before to use the Hot Tub!

  1. Fill the water (not too much) 3/4 cm up the last filler. - To fill the tub, you find the water tap outside the tank, between the tank and the platform. The lower tap is to empty the tub, the higher is to fill it.

  2. Now you can start the fire. - IMPORTANT: DO NOT EMPTY THE WATHER IN THE TUB BEFORE THE STOVE IS COMPLETELY COLD. Even is there is no fire under the ash is still burning so wait otherwise the plastic can melt.   

  3. To hot the water need about 2 hours, so be patient, it is not necessary a big fire but maintain a low fire for long. At the end will be hot (even too much).

  4. You will find some wood along the stone wall of the villa (use little pece not too big), under the BBQ you have some stuff to start the fire  

  5. Active the bubble machine from the electrical cabinet under the platform close the tub. Switch the bubble and lights from the edge of the tub.

  6. Enjoy.

Inside you will find a Fridge, a coffe machine, a boiler for your breakfast,

a Hi-Fi Stereo Bluethooth for your relax;

outside a gas BBQ. Down the base you find the gas tank and a selection of what you can need.

mappa servizi.jpg


The pool area is open 24/7 is not guarded so please if you are a not good swimmer or have child, be careful, please use float. It is obligatory use the shower and foot washer before enter in the water. 


Coffe area. Automatic machine for your coffe or tea. There is also a fridge you can use for keep cold your stuff by the pool.




Loundry. Free use the washing machines. Please not more then two at the same time


Tennis cort. It is free but It is obligatory use the appropriate shoes for clay court. No running shoes! There is a timetable close the coffe area where you can book your play.


Bowling green.


Bicycles. Free use of bike.  

mappa dintorni.jpg


Some services of what you can find around the property

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